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Tax Resolution

Get the Professional Support You Need to Resolve Your Tax Issues
Offers in Compromise – It may be possible to settle with the IRS or another tax authority for less than you owe with an Offer in Compromise. We can tell you if this option is open to you.
Penalty Abatement – When an Offer in Compromise of the table, we will help you to minimize your total tax bill through an Abatement of Penalties.
Installment Agreement – Another alternative to an Offer in Compromise is an installment agreement. With monthly installment payments, you can make steady progress to pay outstanding taxes owed.
Trust Fund Recovery Penalties – The IRS can hold shareholders and some high-level corporate employees liable for evasion of the corporation’s payroll taxes. We provide the professional representation that you need to make your case to the IRS.
Innocent Spouse Relief – Innocent spouse relief can erase your tax liability. We will help you to determine if you qualify for relief as an innocent spouse.
IRS Tax Appeals – Whether you go through the Collection Appeals Program or the Collection Due Process hearing, we will assist with your representation.
Other Tax Relief Solutions – When a taxpayer does not qualify for any of these forms of tax relief, other creative resolutions may be available. We will help you to explore the options that could be right for you.
Back Tax Relief – If you owe back taxes, we will assist you in finding the back tax relief strategy that is most ideal for your situation.
Other Tax Relief Services – These are only some of the many tax relief solutions that we can assist with. Regardless of the situation that you are in, we are available to help.